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Reuse and Recycle Challenge - Seattle
Measuring Your Success

By the 5th of each month, we will update our graph and outreach tracker, so you can see how your neighborhood is doing.

Measuring your success Measuring Community Garbage Reduction

The Southwest region had the greatest reduction in their garbage, and has won $5,000 to give to a community non-profit(s).

For each region, we measured the change in the garbage collected per household from May-October last year, compared to the same period this year.

The region with the lowest lbs/household is in the lead, if your areaís lbs/household is negative, thatís even better!

It's a simple formula -

[this year's garbage (pounds) - last year's garbage (pounds) /# of households in neighborhood]

Measuring Community Outreach

Measuring Community Outreach

In 2016, for completing the most outreach activities during 4 months, the Southwest region will receive $6,000 to go to a non-profit(s) of their choice.

For completing the most outreach activities during 2 months, the Northwest region will receive $3,000 to go to a non-profit(s) of their choice.

Every region can win up to $15,000 by educating your community about recycling and reducing waste.

Each month we will announce the region that completes the most challenges who will receive* $1,500 to give to a non-profit in their region.

At the end of the competition, we will split $6,000 evenly among all regions that completed an activity each month of the competition.

*All rewards will be distributed at the conclusion of the competition.

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