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Seattle's Clear Alleys Program (CAP)

Replaces dumpsters, creating cleaner, safer alleys!

Waste Management is the service provider for CAP in the Pioneer Square, International District and Columbia City neighborhoods.

How Seattle's Clear Alleys Program Works:

Specially marked plastic bags are used for garbage and recycling, set out in alleys, and collected two to three times per day. If a business has available designated or private inside storage space they may be eligible to use a dumpster or cart instead. Please contact the City at SPUClearAlleys@Seattle.Gov to verify.

How to Start Service:

Please call Waste Management at 1 800 592-9995 to set up your account and to place your first order of bags.

Collection Bag Pricing:

Prices vary depending on the type of bag purchased. All collection bags are sold in rolls of 30.
(Prices below effective April 1, 2017.)

Seattle CAP Rates
*Minimum bag order is $100

Commercial customers will pay a monthly service charge of $27.00. Multifamily customers will pay a monthly service charge of $40.10. Bag collection costs and shipping via USPS are included in the purchase fee. Expedited shipping is available upon request for an extra fee.

Order New Bags

Subsequent orders can be made online - Click Here.

Service Area Maps

Pioneer Square | International District | Columbia City

Recycling and Food Composting

Customers interested in starting or expanding food waste collection should contact Waste Management at 800 592-5995.

Participating is Simple

Use the special pre-paid color-coded bags ordered from Waste Management, for your garbage and recycling.

Once you receive your Clear Alley bags, line indoor containers with them.

Securely tie corners of bags (limit 60 lbs).

Set out securely tied bags in your alley.

Garbage bags are collected 3x per day in the morning, afternoon and night.

Flatten and bundle cardboard or put inside a cardboard box or approved recycling bag. Recycling is collected 2x per day in the morning and late afternoon.

Customers may also purchase bulky item tags for items that cannot easily fit inside a bag. Order more bags or bulky items tags by calling 1 800-592-9995 or online at

Set-out Guidelines

Tie bag closed using bag corners

Set full bags in alley

More information

Please contact
Waste Management Customer Service
or 1 800 592-9995
(M-F 7 AM - 7 PM, SAT 9 AM - 1 PM).

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Seattle Cap - Brochure

Download the Brochure

Seattle CAP - Pioneer Square Map

Map - Pioneer Square

Seattle CAP - International District Map

Map - International District

Seattle CAP - Columbia City Map

Map - Columbia City

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