Looking Forward
Yamhill County approves Riverbend expansion

The Yamhill County Commissioners on April 2 affirmed the decision of their Planning Commission, thereby allowing the Riverbend expansion to proceed. We are grateful to the commissioners and county staff for ensuring an open and transparent process.

We are also grateful to our many community supporters and our dedicated employees. Thank you for your unwavering support!

The next major step is for Riverbend to begin the permitting process with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The application will be to amend Riverbend's existing solid waste permit. We would expect to begin earthwork and cell construction soon after the DEQ approves our permit.

Hundreds of people helped shape this plan during three years of community meetings hosted by Waste Management. As a result, the plan approved by Yamhill County provides strong benefits for local businesses and citizens as well as critical protections for the environment.

The approved plan will allow Riverbend to continue to operate roughly another 12 years, approximately through 2027. Here are the key aspects of the plan:

  • Smaller expansion - only 29 acres (reduced from 98 acres)
  • Same height as existing landfill
  • Significant visual screening, with a 50-foot setback from Hwy 18 and a vegetated 75-foot outer berm, retaining much of the existing mature vegetation
  • Design will meet 9.0 seismic standard
  • No impact to floodway and "no rise" impact to 100-year floodplain elevation
  • Shallow outside slopes will blend with natural landscape when planted with grass and shrubs

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