Riverbend Landfill

Acceptance Procedures for Construction, Renovation and Demolition

Riverbend Landfill cannot accept materials that contain asbestos.

To protect the health and safety of our employees and customers, all loads of construction, renovation and demolition waste are screened before, during and after unloading for materials that may contain asbestos. Please refer to the list below to determine if your construction (renovation) and demolition (C&D) debris contains materials that commonly contain asbestos in concentrations greater than 1%.

Helpful Information:

Structure General Location
Materials Potentially Containing Asbestos
Interior walls and ceilings Acoustical tiles, glue dots, plaster, and textured surfaces (e.g., "popcorn ceiling")
Exterior walls Cement siding, stucco
Flooring Vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl, some mastic adhesives
Insulation/fireproofing Block, boiler, spray-applied, vermiculite, monokote, sink undercoating, and thermal system insulation (fiberglass, cellulose, and mineral wool are exempt)
Gaskets Furnace, mechanical, boiler, and wood stove gaskets (automotive gaskets are exempt)
Heating White paper or seam tape on ducts, air-duct cement and insulation
Roofing materials Tar paper, felt, silver/white roofing paint, Nicolite paper, built-up roofing
Fire doors, fire/kiln brick and fireproofing All these materials
Various compounds Window glazing, adhesives, caulks, patching, mastics, vapor barrier products (plastic or synthetic materials such as Tyvek are exempt)
Electrical Switch gears, circuit boxes and fuse panels; wiring with cloth insulation (Romex wiring is exempt)

If your load contains any of the materials in the list above, please contact our Builder's Direct group at 800-963-4050 or PBuilder@wm.com. Builder's Direct will provide detailed instructions for applicable testing, packaging, and acceptance requirements for all C&D materials.

The Oregon DEQ Asbestos Hotline (503-229-5982) is available should you have any questions or concerns that our Builder's Direct group cannot address.

For more information: DEQ Asbestos Website includes asbestos information for homeowners, landlords, businesses, and contractors.

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