Depot Recycling

For your convenience, we provide the following Recycling Depot Locations. Illegal dumping of garbage or hazardous waste is prohibited.

Wynooski Recycling Depot
2904 S Wynooski Rd, Newberg
Open Monday-Saturday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mixed Recycling

All of these materials can be mixed together and are accepted free of charge.

Scrap Metal; Newspaper; Cardboard; Brown paper bags; Junk mail; Telephone books; Magazines; Cereal boxes; Clean juice boxes; Aluminum and Tin cans; Aluminum foil; Plastic bottles; Rigid plastics (plant pots (4 inch or larger),plastic buckets (5 gallon or smaller), yogurt and dairy tubs (over 6 ounces).

Other Recyclables- Accepted free of charge.

The following items are NOT accepted

Hazardous Waste; Sewage or Sludge; Dead Animals; Medical Waste/Sharps; Antifreeze; Asbestos; Fluorescent light bulbs; Liquids/Paint

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