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Recycling Guidelines

Apartments and Condominiums

Recycling Controls Garbage Costs!

Commingled recycling is available for apartment complexes and condominiums for a nominal charge. Check with your property manager about adding this service.

If your apartment complex or condominium does not offer cardboard recycling and you would like to recycle more items, Waste Management and the City of Kennewick provide conveniently placed recycling drop off containers.

We accept the following materials at our collection locations:

  • All paper
  • Cardboard
  • Metal cans
  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars
Our current sites are located at,

  • McDonalds, 2721 W. Kennewick Ave and Highway 395
  • 7th and Washington Street (a gravel parking lot, down street from the WM Hauling site)
  • Richland Fire Station - Gage / Keene behind Albertsons
Let our team help you promote recycling success in your apartment or condo complex!

Property Managers - Contact Waste Management Customer Service or 1-877-466-4668 (M-F 7 AM - 5 PM, SAT 9 AM - 1 PM) to see if this service is available in your location. Be sure to include your address in the message.

Garbage Collection

Regardless of the size of your complex we can create a custom waste pickup program that meets your needs and helps protect the environment.

Please contact Waste Management Customer Service or 1-877-466-4668 (M-F 7 AM - 5 PM, SAT 9 AM - 1 PM) for more information.

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