Tips for Managing Extra Garbage and Recycling

Waste Management is committed to safely collecting garbage and recycling as conditions permit. We appreciate your cooperation when weather conditions interrupt your regular service schedule.

No Credit for Weather Interruption: Because we still incur the costs of collecting and managing your garbage and recyclables, we do not provide credit for weather-related postponed collection. However, we accept up to twice as much material at no extra cost on the next regularly scheduled collection day for each container.

Tips for Extra Material Storage and Set Out: Waste Management suggests that residents use the following options for storing and setting out extra materials:

Extra garbage: Place next to garbage container in:

  • Securely tied plastic bags labeled "Garbage" or
  • 32-gal can with handle and lid (65 lb limit) labeled "Garbage"
Extra recycling: Place next to recycling cart in:

  • Plastic recycling bins or
  • 32-gal can with handle & lid (65 lb limit) labeled "Recycling"
  • No recycling in plastic bags
Extra yard trimmings (No food scraps or plastic): Place next to yard cart in:

  • Heavy paper yard bags (available at home and garden stores) or
  • Reusable polywoven yard bags (available at home and garden stores) or
  • 32-gal cans with handles & lids (65 lb limit) labeled "Yard" or
  • Bundles tied with sisal twine (4'x2' limit)
Remove Snow Accumulation. To keep containers accessible, please remove snow and extra material from around or on top of them. If your street is snowy or icy, please move your container to a more accessible location to avoid postponed collection.

Clear Storm Drains to Prevent Street Flooding: As snow melts, water run-off can result in flooding, which further impedes collection. Please clear storm drains of snow and debris to prevent flooding.

Commercial locations will be serviced as soon as conditions allow safe collection. Priority service is given to locations such as hospitals and restaurants, where public health is a concern.

If you need to dispose of your garbage and recycling sooner than Waste Management is providing service in your neighborhood, you may consider taking accumulated garbage and/or recycling to a public transfer station in your area, where garbage will be accepted for a fee.

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