Electronics, Fluorescents, Batteries and Other Mercury-containing Products

No Electronics in Garbage

Electronics contain lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated flame retardants and other hazardous materials. If disposed improperly, these materials may be released into the environment, posing a heath hazard.

Reuse First : The best way to handle unwanted electronics is to sell or donate them for reuse. If they are outdated, obsolete or broken, they must be recycled.

E Cycle Washington E-Cycle Washington lists free responsible recycling locations for computers, monitors and TVs in Washington.

Other Options:

Fluorescents (bulbs, tubes, etc.), Thermostats, Button Batteries, etc

Fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent "twirly" bulbs, thermostats, thermometers, mercury- added button batteries (watch, thermometer, and hearing aids) and mercury switches are not accepted for disposal.

These products contain mercury, a highly toxic substance particularly damaging to the developing fetus and young children. When released, mercury circulates between air, water and soil, impacting fish and humans who consume fish. Mercury-containing products need to be properly recycled. Options include:.

Business Fluorescent Lamps:


Household Fluorescent Lamps:






Mercury-containing products in general: Household generated mercury-containing products can be disposed of at household hazardous waste collection facilities.

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