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Green Households - Waste Prevention

Managing waste effectively requires us to think about all 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. To minimize our environmental impact, we must first reduce our consumption, then reuse items as much as possible and recycle, only as an alternative to landfilling our waste. Reducing and reusing waste is not only better for the planet, it can also be fun and save money.

  • Buy products in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging. Refill your own bags instead of getting new ones each time.

  • Choose reusable mugs, water bottles and bags. Store extras in your car or at your desk so you will be prepared.

  • Select durable products when making new purchases. Look for high-quality products that are easy to repair.

  • Rent, borrow or share infrequently used items such as trailers, power tools, ladders and lawn equipment.

  • Buy locally produced items to reduce the amount of natural resources needed for shipping, packaging and transportation.
Before you buy, use or discard an item, ask yourself:

  • Reduce: Can I buy this product with less packaging?
  • Reuse: Can I or someone else use this again?
  • Recycle: Can I recycle this after I use it?
  • Buy Recycled: Can I get this item with recycled content?
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