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14020 NE 190th St., Woodinville, Washington

Cascade Recycling Center was built in 2003 at a cost of $22 million. The facility processes recyclables from King, Snohomish, Skagit, Kittitas, Chelan and Douglas counties.

Scale and Recording

  • Route trucks and trailer loads of mixed recyclables weigh in at automated Mettler-Toledo scale system
  • Toledo Unattended Automated Date Terminal captures vehicle data and weight from readers mounted in trucks
  • Trucks empty recyclables onto tipping floor and weigh out to determine load weight.
  • Waste Handler front loader pushes material onto residential conveyor.
  • Pre-sorters remove garbage, scrap metal, phone books, plastic film and large plastic items.
  • Garbage (primarily plastic bags, trays, packaging) is conveyed to trash. compactor
  • Removed recyclables are put in separate containers to await transport & baling.
Fiber Sorting:
  • Mechanical screens remove fiber from mixed recyclables by size & weight:

    • first cardboard
    • then newspaper
    • then mixed paper

  • Quality control sorters remove and redirect incorrect items from each fiber line.
  • Sorted fiber drops into storage bunkers to await baling.
Rigid Container Processing:
  • Glass, metal and plastic containers are conveyed into mechanical glass screen.

    • Glass breaks to minus 2” pieces and drops onto glass conveyor
    • Broken glass is conveyed to air classifier for vacuum removal of shredded paper and caps, which go to trash compactor.
    • Vacuumed glass is conveyed to bunker to await loading.
    • Magnetic belt removes steel cans, which are conveyed to silo to await baling.
    • Sorters separate plastic into silos for PET, natural HDPE, colored HDPE, and other bottles and dairy tubs.
    • Eddy current separates aluminum cans.
    • Residue returns to mixed paper screen for reprocessing.
Baling and Shipping
  • Sorted materials conveyed from bunkers and silos to balers.
  • Bales are transported by forklift to shipping containers at loading dock.
  • Materials are shipped to domestic and international markets for processing into recycled content products.
Construction, Demolition and Land clearing Processing:

  • Lubo USA Conveyor System
  • Stationery Grapple feeds materials to sorting conveyor to remove occ, plastic film, etc.
  • Marathon shredder reduces materials to 24 inches.
  • Magnetic belt removes metal - conveyed to load out container.
  • Misting system reduces dust.
Materials Accepted (no public drive-in customers)

  • Single stream residential and commercial recyclables
  • Construction, Demolition and Land clearing Debris
  • Source separated fiber, containers, wood
Outbound Material Typical Markets: (Average Tons / Month)
  • Fiber - primarily Pacific Rim (9,000 - 72%)
  • Steel - Arrow Metals, Woodinville (250 - 3%)
  • Aluminum Cans- Anheuser Busch, Tennessee (80 - 1%)
  • Glass (1,300 - 16%)
  • Plastics (240 - 3%) end markets include:

    KW Plastics.Bakersfield, CA
    Merlin Plastics, British Columbia

  • Wood - industrial fuel (700)
Building and Property
  • 82,000 sq. ft. building on approximately 6.25 acres.
  • Tipping floor and processing area - 52,200 sq. ft.
  • Eight loading docks for outbound trailers
Operational Status
  • Design Throughput Capacity:

    28 tons/hour residential single stream
    20 tons/hour commercial mixed fiber
    10 tons/hour construction, demolition, land clearing debris (cdl)

  • Average Throughput:

    500 tons/day (12-13,000 tons/month residential single stream
    500 tons/mo commercial
    300-400 tons/day (6500-8500 tons/month) cdl
  • 250+ inbound truckloads/day
Materials Accepted from Collection Contracts in:

Federal Way
Granite Falls
King County
Maple Valley
Mill Creek
Mountlake Terrace
Mount Vernon
Skagit County
Snohomish County

Major Commercial Customers include:
  • Microsoft
  • Boeing
  • Snohomish County

  • Administrative and supervisory: 7
  • Equipment operators, utility workers, and maintenance: 26
  • Sorters: 80

Tours are provided on a limited basis, primarily to industry representatives, public officials, and commercial customers. Request a tour.

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