2017 Summary


Schools Outreach
Schools Outreach
Last year the program reached a total of 75 schools, providing: 38 assemblies, 208 classroom workshops for grades 2-8, 63 bilingual storytelling programs, technical assistance to 24 schools and action project assistance at 11 schools. The program had a total of 31,255 contacts.

In 2017, Waste Management continued to offer waste reduction and recycling outreach programs at area schools. The goal of these programs is to educate students, staff and their families about waste reduction and recycling and to increase recycling at school and at home. These programs include a school-wide theatrical assembly show, individual classroom workshops, customized technical assistance, action project assistance and a bilingual storytelling component new in 2017.

Waste Management was recognized by the Solid Waste Association of North America with a Silver Excellence Award for youth education.

To continue to advance the program several new elements were added in 2017.
  • Created and delivered a new school-wide theatrical assembly.

  • Designed a new assembly accompanying the Teacher Discussion Guide materials.

  • Produced and toured a new bilingual (English and Spanish) storytelling program and materials, to better serve schools with substantial Latino populations.

  • Delivered two short videos and accompanying teacher guides about recycling and proper sorting.
  • Created a new student-centered Waste Investigation activity for action project groups.

  • Compiled existing and new resources into a Teacher Resource Toolkit, and distributed to schools.

  • Drafted and tested a school-wide lunchroom Waste Expo activity.

  • Distributed materials to schools, newly translated into five different languages commonly spoken in Snohomish County.

Schools Outreach

Waste Management's schools outreach program has consistently hit milestones and achieved its goals of increasing student knowledge, improving recycling and waste reduction behavior, and prompting students to share lessons learned at home and with others in their communities.

  • 100 percent of teachers surveyed agree that classroom workshops and bilingual storytelling enhanced student's understanding.

  • Post-assembly tests showed a 103 percent increase in students' awareness that things thrown in the garbage go to landfills and sit forever as wasted resources.

  • Technical assistance in schools showed an average 56 percent increase in recycling rates with some schools improving by 156 percent!

  • 96 percent of elementary teachers and 100 percent of middle school teachers agreed that classroom workshops prompted students to teach others what they had learned.

  • 87% of students surveyed stated that they intended to share what they learned with friends and family.

Schools Outreach

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