2017 Summary


WM Recycle Corps
WM Recycle Corps

WM Recycle Corps
Waste Management's Recycle Corps Internship Program, now in its sixth year, continues to be a valuable resource for our communities. Throughout the summer, 14 WM Recycle Corps interns engaged with residents across King and Snohomish counties to improve recycling habits and reduce waste. With team members fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taishanese and Japanese, our interns helped bridge language gaps so more community members understand and participate in waste-reduction programs.

In 2017, the interns participated in 72 events and engaged in over 9,800 conversations with customers across Puget Sound!

The WM Recycle Corps Program has been a big success for our community and the environment. Nearly 50 percent of WM Recycle Corps alumni are now working in the industry for private companies and the public sector, continuing to improve recycling habits in our communities. Recognizing these successes, the Solid Waste Association of North America honored Waste Management's Recycle Corps program with the prestigious Gold Excellence Award, one of the highest honors in the industry.

14 Recycle Corps interns had 9,800 conversations at 72 events to engage the community in recycling and composting.

WM 2017 Summary
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