2016 Summary


Since 2012, Waste Management has been working together with King County and Snohomish County to identify and test best practices for increasing and sustaining multifamily recycling. Through this work, it has been determined that effectively increasing multifamily recycling requires a combination of property management engagement, infrastructure improvements, and tenant education.

In 2016, Waste Management launched a new effort to implement these best practices on a larger scale for multifamily customer properties throughout unincorporated areas of King and Snohomish Counties.

Building on the "Waste Management Recycling All Stars" program and resources developed for the multifamily sector by Waste Management in previous years, the 2016-2017 initiative will involve development of a revamped web portal with resources and information for property managers as well as outreach and technical assistance to improve recycling infrastructure and enhance tenant education at over a hundred properties, reaching thousands of residential units.

Waste Management launched a campaign to implement property management engagement, infrastructure improvements, and tenant education on a larger scale

The Four C's of Multifamily Recycling

Successful multifamily recycling programs rely on a supportive recycling infrastructure that makes it easy for residents to participate. Research and pilot programs supported by Waste Management have identified the Four C's of Multifamily Recycling as key features of a strong multifamily recycling program:
  • Convenience - Recycling and garbage containers should be equally convenient for tenants to access. This generally requires co-location of containers wherever possible.

  • Clarity - It must be clear to tenants which container is for garbage and which container is for recycling. Containers should have large, identifying labels and image-based signs posted at every point of collection.

  • Capacity - There must be sufficient room in the recycling container for tenants to place their recyclables. For most properties, recycling service should be approximately 50 percent of its total service volume, with per unit capacity in the range of 20 to 30 gallons (0.10 to 0.15 cubic yards).

  • Color - Color coding of containers increases the clarity of which container is intended for recyclables. Blue is generally associated with recycling.

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