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Snohomish County Latino Outreach Pilot
The Latino Outreach Pilot is designed to research the effectiveness of different outreach methods among Waste Management's Spanish-Speaking, single-family, WUTC customers in Snohomish County. The pilot aims to identify where, if anywhere, in the social-marketing behavior change continuum each outreach method has an impact. The findings will help identify the best outreach methods to encourage recycling at home.

In 2016, the target audience was identified. Out of the roughly 94,000 households in the Waste Management WUTC area, there were 5,028 Hispanic households, 2,138 households that were bilingual and preferred Spanish, and 43 households that speak and understand primarily Spanish. This information helped highlight cities and zip codes where Spanish language outreach was most likely to have an audience.

A pre-survey and a post-survey were developed to determine where in the behavior change continuum each participant lies at the beginning of the pilot and after the pilot. These surveys will be delivered in 2017 through direct mail to recruit potential participants. To encourage participation, a direct mail qualifier, which will include the pre-survey, will indicate that participants may earn up to $40 by completing two surveys.

The Latino Outreach pilot will test four outreach tactics: advertising, mail-in tools, door-to-door outreach, and text message outreach. Development of the materials for each of these tactics began in 2016. Advertising will feature the existing "Recicla" television ad, which teaches the audience which materials can and cannot be recycled. The text message group will receive four text messages about recycling during the pilot, and four animated GIFs based on the television ad. These two tactics will be combined to increase recall for participants who both see the ads and receive the text messages.

Study designed to test recycling outreach
methods among Spanish speakers

King County Behavior Study
King County Behavior Study

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King County Behavior Study Target audiences and methodologies were identified for the Multicultural Behavior Study

The 2016 King County Behavior Study focused on researching the attitudes and behaviors of non-English speaking audiences. It builds on the 2013 Behavior Study in King and Snohomish Counties that determined the barriers and benefits to recycling specific materials among English-speaking residents.

To determine the language of focus for the study, the team analyzed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and American Community Survey (ACS) data, mapping the language proficiency of residents, which determined that Spanish is the most widely spoken language outside of English.

With a clear priority audience, key research questions, potential study methodologies, and recruitment options were considered. After narrowing down to two recruitment strategies (hybrid double-concurrent recruitment and combined organization outreach) and weighing the feasibility of implementation of each strategy, , the team determined that community-based and faith-based organizations were likely to provide the best chance of recruiting the desired study participants.

Predictive demographic analysis revealed that the King County WUTC population is 4.9 percent Hispanic/Latino. Data from this analysis was used to create a map of where the potential audience resides. Based on this analysis, Waste Management concluded that the best locations for further audience analysis and future pilot studies will be in White Center and Renton.

Snohomish County Outreach Events
Building on the success of 2014-2015 outreach at key Spanish-speaking events in Snohomish County, outreach events will take place in 2017 aimed at the Latino, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese communities. Planning for this outreach took place in 2016, including developing a new interactive recycling game with better portability and multilingual capabilities than past booth activities. Snohomish County's 2017 events will be held at grocery stores specializing in Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese products. These venues were selected since they are popular destinations for the target audiences and provide locations suitable for winter events. H-Mart, a popular grocery store in the Korean community, and Ranch 99, a grocery store and restaurant frequented by the Chinese and Vietnamese communities, were selected as ideal venues.

New multilingual recycling event outreach

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