2016 Summary


School Outreach
In 2016, Waste Management continued to offer waste reduction and recycling outreach programs to eligible schools in Snohomish County. The goal of these programs is to educate students, staff, and their families about waste reduction and recycling and to increase recycling at school and at home. These programs include a school-wide theatrical assembly show, individual classroom workshops, customized technical assistance, action project assistance, and family outreach booths.

The 2016 program reached 64 schools , providing: 49 assemblies, 220 classroom workshops Technical assistance to 25 schools Action project assistance for 19 student groups Outreach booths at 5 family night events, 12 Recycle Corps interns attended 74 community events , made over 1,500 site visits , and over 7,000 calls to engage the community in recycling and composting.

Waste Management continued to build upon the program in 2016. In addition to updating ongoing key program components, several new elements were added. Waste Management:
  • Created, piloted and implemented a new middle school classroom workshop

  • Developed a "Recycling Rock Star" recognition program for outstanding staff and students, an expansion of the Custodian recognition program

  • Developed and delivered a new 20-minute staff meeting presentation for schools

  • Created a waste reduction and recycling school assessment and action plan guide for Green Teams
  • Provided lunchroom observations and school summaries

  • Expended technical assistance and student action project assistance from elementary schools to middle schools (including new age-appropriate signs and resources)

  • Modified the Landfill Laboratory workshop to include more emphasis on sorting

Every year, the program has expanded its reach to new schools while continuing to deliver programs to schools who have participated in the past. The 2016 program reached 64 schools in total, providing 49 assemblies, 220 classroom workshops, in-depth technical assistance to 25 schools, action project assistance for 19 student groups and outreach booths at five family night events. The program had a total of 39,080 contacts, with some individuals counted more than once, as they participated in multiple program components. Of the 64 schools participating in the program in 2016, 12 of them were new and had not previously taken part in any of the Waste Management program components. Of the 52 schools who had previously participated in the program, many selected new program components for the first time in 2016.

In 2016, the Schools WRR Program was successful in achieving its goals. Evaluation analysis shows that teachers expressed overwhelmingly strong support for both the assembly and classroom workshops, unanimously endorsing their effectiveness in educating students on how to reduce waste and recycle more. Ninety five percent of students tested stated that they intended to recycle more as a result of what they learned in their classroom workshop. Custodians and Green Team advisors universally expressed strong approval and appreciation for the technical assistance provided. Recycling rates increased by an average of 53 percent at schools who received technical assistance support. More than 500 family members voluntarily participated in the Waste Management booth activities and took home resources on recycling and waste reduction.

Furthermore, all components of the program were scheduled to maximum capacity in 2016, often exceeding participation goals, confirming that it serves an important role within the school community.

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