2015 Summary


Smart Phone App
In 2015, Waste Management continued development of an app intended to provide more recycling/composting education to customers as specifically requested in the 2013 Behavior Study. The app capabilities will immediately tell customers which bin to use for various kinds of waste, helping users overcome confusion about recycling and composting guidelines.

In early 2015, Waste Management worked with app development partner, ReCollect, to build out the “Waste Wizard” tool that will allow users to look up hundreds of items for specific instructions on which cart items should go in, how items should be prepared for disposal and other important information. Waste Management has prepared a comprehensive marketing plan for introducing the app in 2016. The introduction of the app will come in two stages: (1) a limited rollout and testing phase and (2) full app rollout and promotion.

Social Media
As more people shift to receiving news and information via social media, Waste Management developed a social media content plan to strategically generate informative and engaging content, while positioning Waste Management senior communications manager Robin Freedman as a source for Waste Management updates, recycling news and information. To continue momentum from 2014 and increase awareness and engagement around community outreach events in 2015, Waste Management used Twitter to share select photos and updates from a variety of community events including Compost Days, Fiesta Premio Esermalda and Hispanic Seafair.

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