2014 Summary


Social Media
A social media presence has increasingly become more important in reaching and communicating with customers. In 2014, the Waste Management team focused on identifying social media opportunities and developing a structure for outreach. The team coordinated with Waste Managementís national social media team to identify opportunities to share content. At the regional level, Waste Management developed a plan and editorial calendar for a blog; created a recommended structure, content and posting schedule for Robin Freedmanís (WMís Senior Communications Manager) Twitter account; and conducted a social media training session to guide future efforts. Social media was also integrated in the various RSA tasks, such as building a following and posting consumer tips and photos from community events.

Advertising Matrix
Click Here for a larger view To enable Waste Management to evaluate which advertising medium is most effective for reaching WUTC residents and the Waste Management team developed a strategic advertising matrix. The matrix includes sample objectives such as education, raising awareness and encouraging incentive uptake. Each sample objective was evaluated against a variety of advertising mediums such as online, outdoor, and television Ė the matrix outlines the pros and cons of each advertising medium. Waste Management is also considering developing a similar matrix for Spanish outreach campaigns.

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