Thank you for your interest in the Waste Management Puget Sound RSA Report-2012. The work you'll see featured on this site was done as part of the Recycling and Commodity Revenue Sharing Plan between Waste Management and King and Snohomish Counties in Washington State.

The Plan is negotiated between Snohomish and King Counties and Waste Management annually. The Plan outlines areas of collaboration between the three entities that have resulted in innovative projects and programs with the goal of raising residential recycling rates in areas of the counties regulated by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC).

Each section of this website begins with a general introduction of the work completed within the categories of community outreach, multifamily recycling research, food and yard waste promotion, public space recycling pilot programs, curbside recycling promotion and waste management reports. Within each section you will find project-specific goals, results of the activities for the year, conclusions and samples of the supporting materials and documents developed for each task.

Measuring Success

To assess the overall effectiveness of our work, we planned, implemented and evaluated each outreach campaign using measurable results such as higher diversion rates, increases in recycling and food/yard waste subscriptions, decreases in contamination found in recycle and compost carts, and greater visibility, education and outreach among targeted audiences.

Our media campaigns were measured by three factors - 1) Reach 2) Frequency and 3) Impressions:
    Reach - Reach represents the number of people the campaign is projected to reach with both print and online.

    Frequency (online) - Frequency represents the average number of times the campaign will be seen by one individual.

    Impressions (online) - Impressions represent the number of times the ad has the opportunity to be seen. It is a gross number that takes into account both reach and frequency.
If you have any questions, or would like further information about adapting and using these materials in your city, please contact Jackie Lang:
    Waste Management: Jackie Lang, Senior Manager for Communications
    Mobile: 503-705-0007

    Collaborative Partners

    Snohomish County: Sego Jackson, Principal Planner, 425-388-6490
    King County: Gerty Coville, Project Manager, 206-477-5271
Thank you.

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